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Learn an
African Language

Why the African Language Project (ALP)?

Many African languages are tonal, meaning pitch is often used to determine meaning. This is why ALP provides you with live classes taught by native speakers.

Learn from native speakers

Our instructors are experts in teaching their local language

Enjoy live classes

We offer live classes over Zoom, allowing you to engage with your instrctors in real-time

Become fluent in an African language

Our syllabi are designed to help you improve your speaking skills

Choose from beginners to advanced

We have a tailored syllabus for every proficiency level

Live classes. Professional instructors. Engaging material.

A clip from a beginner's Asante Twi lesson

Student Testimonials
Image by Eva Blue

"The beginner's Twi course was great! I really enjoyed that I could ask questions in real-time and am looking forward to taking the intermediate course"

- Akua, Toronto

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"I've been eager to learn Fante for years so I can better connect with my family. I am happy that I am finally taking classes at my own pace and with an amazing teacher"

- Mike, California

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